"When, one day soon, we’ll have all our material development, work plans will replace textbooks and lessons."

Making a sundial – Vegetation and residential areas. Search the file documents relating to these various areas. Science. – In the autumn period we focus on the environment and on the insects that children are numerous. – wild and cultivated fruits Collection and preparation of an album; – Collection of autumn leaves and preparing an album. * The children finally show their work plan to prepare the conference: The choice is difficult in the beginning and we are obliged to settle for BT (I will prepare for each BT chosen a guide plug if it does not exist again).

But later, during the week, many interests will emerge, and next Monday the listing of conferences will prepare almost automatic. On the first day we have: My life – bread History – History of the Book – History of Writing – It sparkles champagne – Camel – The Tour de France – Chamois – transhumance among the Tuareg. The preparation of these conferences normally lasts one or two weeks. We will talk about it again. THIRD WEEK.

History. – The study of the Revolution is too complex for our children who can hardly remember the years that some dates and spectacular events. This is why we emphasize a little more about the preliminaries of a Revolution .: 1 – How men fought (see sheet guide). 2 – How were lit, 3 – The house. (B.T. No.

500) 4th – Beggars of the sixteenth to the eighteenth century (FSC). 5 A� – Wolves (FSC BT No. 442). Geography. – To introduce our school to our correspondents we will make plans to scale the School, each group of students taking a zone: – Sample in the ground of the School; – Sample plaster School; – History of Freinet school (for the corresponding album). SHEETS GUIDES HISTORY (on the eve of the Revolution) HOW MEN moved: Read the following B.T.: No.

2 – Diligence and Post Malles-. # 42 – History of Post (9,10 pages, 11, 12.). No. 297 – History of the hitch. No. 187 – A village in the Oise in the eighteenth century. N a�? 159, 171, 183 – Portage. No. 500 – Travel Young. See additional sheet “Travel.” Note the pages that relate to transportation and copy essentially classifying as follows: – The men were traveling, walking and were doing long walks; – How men moved (the rich, the poor). – How did the transportation. CRAFTS: S.B.T. No.

52 – Malle- Post – celerifere. CHINESE SHADOWS: S.B.T. No. 54-55 – Silhouettes and Costumes. Science. – The harvest: – Crush wine and let it ferment; – Try to distill sugar; – wine grape yield (investigation to lead to Mr.

Lawrence and neighbors); – grape and wine prices Price – Large cellars. Our guide sheets are not impressive. There are some who might fit on half a sheet. We need even resume preparation guides sheets for each of our B.T .. We’ll see then! A practical way to put these records available to our members. A� I would like the comrades wrote me about the preparation of the work plans.

A wide constructive discussion can and should establish. When, one day soon, we’ll have all our material development, work plans will replace textbooks and lessons. C. FREINET. Author Freinet Print

2 Results Annah Arendt, love the world In: Geo> History Philosophy June 2006 Annah Harendt, love of the world .pdf doc (0.8 Mb) Before “the radical novelty of our time,” Hannah Arendt philosopher of the twentieth century, made the connection between the renunciation of individuals in politics, and the rise of barbarism. Authors: Annie Coll and Construction BT2 ICEM More Language, stereotypes and centos In: French> oral French Language> Writing-reading Arts> Poetry June 2006 Formulas ready-made cliches, stereotypes language: our words betray us!

Teens have spotted these code words of our speech, and playing with, they created centos. Authors: Site BT ICEM College in Andernos-les-Bains, College and High School Creon E. Faure in Lormont Read more
3 Results Potatoes and potato! History and expressions In: French> vocabulary, dictionary use in May 2006 Where do potatoes and potatoes? History 2 vegetables – and small tour of expressions strongly imaged – eh, potato!

Authors: Site BT ICEM Lucien Buessler and Sandrine Lerou More Letters of Georgia – 2005 In: Geo> Geo History> Geography May 2006 Letters of Georgia – 2005 doc pdf (2.4 MB) Georgia is a European country Caucasus badly shaken by civil wars and conflicts with its powerful neighbor Russia. In 2005, Georgian students showed their difficult life and dreams.

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Francois Perdrial More The stone walls in the Cevennes In: Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth May 2006 The stone walls structure the landscape in rocky areas. They belong to our heritage. A class Gard investigated. Authors: Site BT ICEM and School Bez and Esparon (Gard) Read more
In: The Educator CEL open forum for teachers review in October 1961 – My head like that / – I am overwhelmed, submerged, drowned … – I’m lost!

Such were the thoughts that one meant internship Nantes, as we hear them every course or every congress. To this Gouzil replied: – But you came here for! Indeed, over the years, the old movement have built do my homework free
personal views on each question. They come to the Modern School meetings to submit their buildings to the test of critical peers. And they realize that here or there, they have to go back because it was starting to move away from the correct line.

There was deviation. But for young people, is another matter. They what? two years, five years of teaching?

When they access our technical, they realize that their knitting was a bad start: they had not been big enough; they are forced to undo all their work before making a better start. Subsequently, of course, it happens to them to have to break a few rows but never more, they will be forced to start from scratch. We understand their panic after their first course. I also, like them, I was often distracted until recent years.

And yet I had behind me fifteen years of Modern School. And I struggled to see clearly and I even put it black on white for not being nor lost or distracted. Now, after Nantes, I think I understand something, definitely. What drove me wild is that constantly, peers sought and discovered new techniques.

Who engraving on zinc which plaster, which monotypes, photo, filicoupeur that whatnot? Experienced or not comrades were already quite worried like this. Why add more? Is it therefore not penetrate in a safe world where you can stop to something solid, definitive moment? But no, like life follows its course and overflows, the discoveries were added to each other so that one definitely felt guilty.

And we thought, in front of each new technique, “Yes, that’s interesting; it is really essential; we can not do without this technique. Neither the latter nor the other, no one! Oh ! la, la! my head ! “, Now I understand ! We must of course cialis 5 mg generico, cialis 5 mg generico, cialis 5 mg generico, cialis 5 mg generico, cialis 5 mg generico, cialis 5 mg generico. introduce in his class from the healing techniques, rebalancing etc ,,, but it is not necessary to introduce them all. In the arsenal is presented to us in the contact Modern School, everyone chooses what he likes, what he needs.

And I think this notion of master of pleasure is not to be despised. If he has some momentum for this or that, it will better enjoy his children. For example, Aux Castle, we were given some tips for successful linos, monotypes, paintings, etc … Now we feel able to try and try again, this time, many chances of success. And this Urge us to worry about the essential, namely; installation, in the classroom, good physical working conditions.

To help beginners, Freinet would do well to realize his project guiding the first steps: – What you can try without fear (green light); – What you can discuss later, cautiously (orange light); – What is temporarily not recommended (red light).